Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Il Divo: The Promise

Recently, as a participant in One2One Network, I was given the opportunity to preview and review a copy of Il Divo The Promise. I was not familiar with Il Divo prior to this opportunity arising.

Their music is described as "POPera". The group was brought together by Simon Cowell back in 2004 and this is their fourth album. Three of the members have an operatic background and one a pop background.

The songs on The Promise are sung in Spanish, Italian and English. They apply operatic touches to pop music. The result is a very rich and wonderful sound. Not only do the four members have excellent voices, but their songs also are accompanied by strings.

On first listen, two comparisons came to mind (although, it definitely is a unique style). The first is the Moody Blues, who sing their songs against the orchestral backdrop. The second is one of my favorite albums, Michael Crawford performs Andrew Lloyd Weber with his strong voice. There is just something that draws me in with the combination of strong voices and the orchestral music.

I really enjoy the way the music fills the room, but I do struggle with many of the songs not being in English - not that I can't enjoy them because of the language barrier, but I can't sing along...which I love to do, especially in the car (despite the fact that I probably can't sing).

I'd say they covered some songs, but it seems strange to hear a cover song in another language. Their version of ABBA's The Winner Takes it All, I really enjoyed. Their version of Amazing Grace, the only one in English on the album, is beautiful.

You may have caught them today on Good Morning America, but if you did not, you can catch them on Regis and Kelly on Friday morning (11/21).

You can learn more about Il Divo at their website: Il