Sunday, November 16, 2008

CVS Scenarios - week of 11/16 (OOPS!)

I hate it when I learn that I made a mistake. Better to learn it before I leave home than once I was at the store. It is a lot easier to regroup before heading to the store than to try to figure it all out on the fly.

I just discovered that my coupon was actually $5 / $30. Guess I will need to add an $8 item to transaction #1. Given that, I would add the $9.99 pack of batteries to the order. With another $.75 coupon, it would bring the OOP for Transaction #1 to $24.49. (Less if you have ECBs to roll like I do.)

Then, I would add transaction #5:

1 pk of Duracell $9.99.

(out of coupons, but maybe you have just one more?)

$9.99 total. Pay with $5 ECB from Transaction #3 and $4.99 ECB from Transaction #4. Earn $15 ECBs.

So, my total OOP would be $26.43 and I would have $21 ($15, $2 and $4) ECBs to roll to next week. My net cost would be $5.43 ($4.23 more) and I would have twice as many batteries as in my original post.

You can see my original post for full scenario details here.