Saturday, July 11, 2009

Buehler's Deals

Friday, when we got back from vacation, we came home to a nearly empty refrigerator, so I headed out to the store to get some essentials - milk, bread, eggs, fresh fruit/vegetables.

I noticed that they had their ice cream, a real 1/2 gallon package, on sale 2 for $4. We have some birthdays coming up, so I picked some of these up to hang onto for the birthday parties. In addition, shredded cheese was on sale 3 for $5 (8oz/2c shredded cheese). I know that my stock was getting a little low, so I thought this would be a good time to stock up on some cheese.

There was one other treat from the ad that I wanted to get - Diana's Bananas. I had sampled these delectable Dark Chocolate-covered Bananas one day at the store, but always felt they were price prohibitive. With a BOGO sale this week, they were only $2.40 each for a pack of 5 baby bananas. Not 'cheap', but definitely at a splurge level.

I also planned to pick up the deal that Buehler's was offering, where if you bought a 5# bag of Domino Sugar, you would get one free 5# bag of Our Family Sugar. To me, sugar is definitely one of those items where I have no preference for the brand. I was able to get 20# of sugar (2 bags of each) for only $4.88 or $1.22 / 5# bag. I figure I will store this for baking this fall.

While there, I was looking for ground meat for next week's menu plans. I happened upon a great sale. They had some close dated 93/7 Ground Turkey that was on sale for $1.99 for 1.2# package. Normally, this is $3.79 a package. I snagged up 7 of them. I can't normally find 93% lean ground beef (or turkey) for less than $2/#, so I figured I would stock up and freeze it for future weeks.

With all of the ground meat and sugar, I was able to just reach $75 ($75.12 to be exact) that allowed me to use a $5 off of $75 coupon from the Entertainment Book. In addition, I had a few other manufacturer coupons that brought my total down to the mid-$60s. As a bonus, now I won't need to shop on Sunday, like we normally do.

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