Wednesday, July 22, 2009

CVS Deals - 7/21

I headed back to CVS on Tuesday because Monday I got a B3GO CRT for American Greetings Cards and as I was pulling out of the lot, I got a text from my husband to pick up a birthday card. While there, I got some Band Aids as part of the J&J/Band Aid deal.

Here's what I got:
4 - American Greetings B-day cards
3 - First Aid Kits
2 - Character Band aids
2 - Gold Emblem Nuts
2 - Caliber 6x4 Notebooks (they were out yesterday)

-$3 3x$1 J&J First Aid Mfg coupon
-$.50 Band Aid mfg coupon
-$.50 Band Aid mfg coupon
-$2 Gold Emblem Nuts CRT
-$.99 American Greetings B3GO CRT

Paid with $7.99, $4, and $1 ECBs and $.72 OOP. I earned $5 and $1.98 in ECBs. I got all of this for a net cost of $6.73 - not a bad deal.

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