Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Cell to Home Line Technology

We are considering getting rid of our land line. We just lost a $25 credit (plus now there is tax on $25 more) that we were receiving, making the phone bill for our home phone more expensive than we would like it to be.

We have tried the Panasonic Link-to-Cell phone. Our experience was a challenge - it didn't seem to get a good Blue Tooth signal and would drop the connection. We were testing it out, figuring we could get a third cell phone that has our home number to connect to the link. I'm not sure if it is a general issue or just an issue with our cell phones and/or the unit we purchased.

We noticed that there are other technologies - XLink and Cell2Tel amongst others.

I'm looking for feedback - have you tried any of these technologies? What do you like/dislike about them? What are the drawbacks of making this conversion?

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Amanda said...

We didn't use any technology in our switch. We just went to our cell phones a few months ago. It saves us a little, but my husband really hates cell phones, so I'm not able to reach him all the time. He often leaves it on the counter while he goes out the door. I love it, though, since my cell phone is in my pocket at all times. We found that ditching our land-line was not hard to live with at all. We don't miss all the telemarketers! (thought that HONDA Last Time Warranty call still got to my cell somehow) Good luck with your switch. Don't know if that was helpful to you or not.

Jessica said...

This may not be as helpful, but we have never had a landline. (ok, once when we had to for internet connection.) Our cell plans give us enough minutes and include long distance so we have no need to a land line. Our kids are still little so they don't use the phone. My parents are using Vonage and really like it. Good luck!

Buffie said...

We haven't had a landline in years. We just use our cells and don't have any problems. I always thought it was stupid to have more phones then people. (I don't count my daughter here since she isn't old enough to really use the phone yet)