Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Keeping Track of Gifts

When it comes to showers and birthday parties, I have attended and hosted my share. Through the course of the many events I have shared, I have picked up a number of tips and tricks from the various hostesses. One hostess had the guests write their name and address on the envelopes for thank you cards and then used this for a drawing.

I do think though that my favorite trick, is writing the gift on the back of the card from the guest. This way, when the cards are separated from the gifts - they always are! - you still have a description/listing of what the gift was and can easily match the card to the gift. It saves using an additional piece of paper, which can get lost, to record the guests and gifts. And, it saves the need for the person recording gifts to try to figure out who the guest of honor said the gift was from or how to spell it - after reading the card, simply hand the cards to a friend, have them write down the gift on the back of the card as you open the gift and wallah! Then, when you sit down to do thank you cards, everything is in one place.

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