Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Jet Puffed Mallow Bites

I love marshmallows and I love chocolate, so when I was roaming through the aisles at Walmart the other day and happened upon this:

I just knew I had to try them.

Yum! In some ways, they are very similar to miniature versions of the chocolate covered marshmallow eggs you find at Easter, although the marshmallow texture is a little bit more like a marshmallow than the marshmallow cream like filling in the larger treats. One thing I really liked is that with them being miniature, you get a higher chocolate to marshmallow ratio - a definite positive in my book. In addition, the bite size pieces allowed me, with a great deal of willpower, to have just a couple to satisfy my sweet tooth.

I can't find anything about this product on the Kraft Jet-Puffed page, so I'm not sure if these were a limited item or around to stay. Anyone know?

The package was priced at $1 for the bag at Walmart. It has about 2 servings of approximately 24 chocolate covered marshmallows, each with 130 calories and 5 g of fat. The best part is that if I can limit myself to a couple, I can have a quick sweet treat for only a few calories. Based on 24 pieces in a serving, each chocolate covered miniature marshmallow has just under 6 calories - so 4 is under 25 calories. Yum! A quick treat that won't ruin the diet (when I'm actually managing to stay on one) and with approximately 56 pieces in a bag - that makes for 14 snacks of 4 pieces!

Have you tried Mallow Bites? What did you think? Share a comment or post a link.