Saturday, August 15, 2009

Mary Ingalls On Her Own

Growing up I was a huge Little House on the Prairie fan. I'm not sure which came first for me - the books or the television series. But I do know that I have read all of the books multiple times and have seen all of the episodes a number of times. In fact, I own some of the episodes on DVD. When I was home on maternity leave with my son, I knew what time LHoP was on and I was there watching it.

When my daughter was born, I found on the Bookmobile a My First Little House book. I of course checked it out and read it to her. Over time, we have acquired much of the collection. She really likes A Little House Birthday - Pa sings Pop Goes the Weasel in that one. I usually have to read that page at least twice. She calls them her Laura books.

So, a while back, when I saw a suggested read in a paper (not sure what paper) entitled Mary Ingalls On Her Own by Elizabeth Kimmel Willard, I figured it was a book I should check out. I put a hold on it at the library and it finally came in a few days ago.

I will start by saying, much like the rest of the Little House series, it is a Junior book. So, it was a very quick and easy read. But, it was also a cute and endearing story. In the Little House books, we always see everything from Laura's perspective. This book looks at life from Mary's perspective. At the start of the book, Mary has been blind for two years and is just arriving at the Iowa College for the Blind.

I really enjoyed the quick read. It was interesting to get to know Mary, from Mary's perspective. There is another book in the series, Nellie Oleson meets Laura Ingalls, that I would like to read as well.