Thursday, August 27, 2009

Make Ahead Dinner

The theme today for the Ultimate Recipe Swap at Life As Mom really threw me for a loop. The theme - what can you make ahead. My challenge - so much of what I make can be made ahead. In fact, I did a post on how as a busy mom, I make getting dinner on the table easier for me, especially during the week.

If you are making something like tacos for dinner, why not chop your vegetables the night before and have it all ready to go. You can even brown your meat or grill your chicken in advance, so that you have the ingredients ready to go.

If you are making lasagne, you can always prep that and freeze it. I typically do this by making two pans at a time - one for that night and one for the freezer.

If you are making a quiche, you can always make it ahead and serve it chilled. In fact, some people prefer it that way.

Even chicken enchiladas can be made ahead of time. Make a double recipe and freeze one for later.

For more make ahead ideas, check out the Ultimate Recipe Swap.