Wednesday, August 5, 2009

For the Love of Uniforms

I never realized what a big fan of uniforms I would be. I always was worried that there wouldn't be variety or a way for the kids to express their individuality. Now I realize, that they are so easy! There is no debate over what to wear in the morning - blue pants, white shirt. Maybe you mix in a sweatshirt or sweater for good measure on a winter morning, but otherwise there is no guess work, no debate over what to wear.

Last year when my son started school, I was wishing that there was another option beside the white polo/button down for the boys. When my brothers went to school, they were allowed to wear yellow or light blue, in addition to white. After just a few months, I became grateful that everything was white. I had a powerful cleaning tool that just wouldn't work the same to get all of the stains out of light blue and yellow, BLEACH!. Bleach is my best friend when it comes to doing school uniform shirt laundry. It is amazing how messy a 5 year old can get in a day of school.

I was again reminded of the convenience of uniforms and white shirts, as we were getting clothes ready for the start of school. Our school has a used uniform sale. I grabbed the shirts my son had outgrown, ran them through a load of laundry with bleach and took them to the sale along with some pants to share with other families. While at the sale, I was able to pick up a few shirts and pants for my son. School clothes shopping - done!

That works for me. Check out more back to school tips at Works for Me Wednesday School Themed Edition at We Are THAT Family.

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Unknown said...

Great tip!

kasandria said...

We have school uniforms here as well, but they can pick from 3 or 4 polo colors. I like it ok. Def. easier for my son, but I wish my daughter could show off some of those cute clothes in her closet lol. Enjoyed reading your blog and clicked some links for ya too ;)

Manoj Sharma said...

Combination of white shirt and blue pant, gives a good look.
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Amy said...

We're entering our second year of uniforms as my daughter starts first grade next week. It feels weird to not be buying any back to school clothes, but she had plenty of uniform shirts/ jumpers/ pants from last year that still fit. It certainly makes things easier!