Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Special K Protein Shakes

When I exercise, I like to drink the pre-made protein shakes as a recovery drink. Not only does the protein help me build muscle, but since I work out in the morning, the pre-made shakes provide a quick and easy breakfast replacement that I can grab as I run out the door to work.

A while back, I was contacted about trying out the new Special K Protein Shakes. I hadn't tried the Special K Protein Shakes before, so I agreed to give them a try and they sent me a sample.

Let's start with some observations, the Special K Protein Shake is 10oz. Many of the shakes that I normally consume are only 8oz. Despite being 2oz larger, the Special K Protein Shakes are slightly lower in calories (1990 cal) and about the same in total grams of fat (5g). Another thing that I noticed is that in addition to the 10g of protein per serving, the shake is also a source of fiber with 5g per serving. The other protein shakes that I consume do not have fiber (<1g), so this is a nice bonus from my perspective.

The shake that I received was Milk Chocolate flavor. In general, chocolate is my favorite flavor for the protein shakes. The chocolate flavor makes it seem more like a treat to me. The milk chocolate flavor of this shake was enjoyable and comparable to other chocolate flavored protein shakes. The shakes are also available in Strawberry and French Vanilla flavors.

From a consistency perspective, the Special K Protein Shakes are a little thinner consistency than many other shakes I have had. This is not necessarily a bad thing, just different than what I am used to and possibly related to having lower calories in a larger serving.

According to the bottle, 'Special K Protein products are designed to promote a reduced feeling of hunger by increasing daily intake of protein and fiber.' As I said before, I consume my shakes in place of breakfast and the shake did keep me from needing to snack before lunch, but I also don't often snack before lunch.

Have you tried Special K Protein Shakes? What did you think? Leave a comment or link to your blog. Would you like to try them? A coupon for $1 off of a 4-pack is available here.


Angie said...

I'll have to try those!! Hopefully they will put a coupon out for them!!