Wednesday, September 30, 2009


Lately, I have been making pouch muffins for the family. My son thinks it is a great treat to have them with dinner or as a special weekend breakfast. I think that making them from a packet is a nice quick way to make the meal special and since they only make 6 muffins, I don't have to worry about many leftovers, if any. They come in a number of varieties from mixed berries to chocolate chip to banana nut to pound cake. It also brings back memories of my childhood, when my mom would make the muffins for her family.

When I make the pouch muffins (generally it makes 6 muffins). I mix the milk and the packet right in the measuring cup I used for measuring the milk. Not only does it save me an added bowl to wash, but with the pour spout on the measuring cup, it provides an easy pour solution so that I can fill my muffin cups without making a mess.

This works for me! For more tips and tricks, check out Works For Me Wednesday at We Are THAT Family.

A bonus tip - pouch muffins make awesome pancakes! Many of the pouches have recipes on them.

Here is the recipe that I use:
Muffin Pouch Pancakes

7oz muffin mix pouch (makes 6 muffins)
1 egg
3/4c milk (the muffins call for just 1/2 c milk)
Mix together and cook on a hot griddle.


annies home said...

we love muffins as well I have even taken them to potlucks to have them gobbled up

'Becca said...

I love mixing things in the measuring cup, too! I also like things like Honey Baked Lentils that can be mixed in the dish they bake in.

But I think it's funny that you like making a small batch so you "don't have to worry about leftovers." I usually feel like when I take the time to make something, I may as well make a big batch so we can eat it for a while before making time to cook again! :-)