Saturday, November 28, 2009

Black Friday

I did it, I joined the throngs of crazy people arising before the crack of dawn (some never went to bed I learned while standing in assorted lines) and hit the doorbuster sales on Friday.

I was able to get some great deals, but mostly it was the thrill of the hunt and the nostalgia of Black Friday's gone by that kept me standing in the ridiculous lines. I stood outside in the rain (and occassional snow) at Target. Then, after we finally were let in the store, you could barely move. I missed out on one deal that I was in search of, but was able to get the TomTom and the external hard drive I was after. I picked up a couple of other things and then stood in line for half an hour to pay. Then I headed to Kohl's, I picked up a few deals and then I stood in line for an hour to check out. I was going to go to a few other places, but stopped home and never got the get up and go to go back out.


Sharon said...

Wow, you are a braver woman than I am! But it sounds like you got some good deals!

I'm a new follower (as per MamaBuzzHive) and I'm hoping you'll return the favor!