Friday, November 20, 2009

Fat Burnin' Friday

Well, I was true to the promise I made last week. Starting on Monday, I set my alarm a little earlier and got myself out of bed each morning to exercise. I started the P90X rotation from the beginning. I did skip Yoga and move Kempo forward, but that is because the Yoga is 1 1/2 hours long and I can't get up another 1/2 hour early. All of the other workouts are about an hour in length. On Monday, Wednesday and Friday, it was strength training. Tuesday and Thursday were full out cardiovascular workouts. You know what? - It felt great! Sure I was sore, but it was a good hurt. I was energized by my morning workout and felt revitalized. The one frustrating, but not surprising thing, was that I was hungry! after working out. I found that my daily consumption, understandably, went up. The unfortunate thing is, my body takes time to adjust and I just couldn't seem to get anywhere this week, with a mere .2# weight loss.

At my Weight Watchers meeting on Monday, as predicted, I recovered the gain from the prior week and recorded additional loss. In fact, I have now officially lost 10# on Weight Watchers (again, this lags my Fat Burnin' Friday because I started that earlier). At the meetings, they are talking about preparing for the holidays. How do you stay focused to your goal while enjoying time with friends and family. It is a great topic of discussion and I am glad to see that they devote some time in advance of the holidays to talking about it.

I now have just 26# to lose to get to my goal. My hope is that next week, with my body full swing in exercising and adapted to an uptick in consumption (more than offset in exercise) that I will see a better loss.