Saturday, November 21, 2009

Target Deals

Well, I learned the other day when I headed over to to check out the coupons that Target got a new program for generating their coupons. There was a great $1/1 Pepsi 12-pack coupon that I was excited to use. I got my Super Kmart ad the next day and they were featuring 12-pk Pepsi products 5 for $10. So, on Friday night after work, I headed to Target. I went to the kiosk first, like I always do so that I could print my coupons for the shopping trip. Only problem, nothing comes up when you click Grocery Coupons. I called over the service desk employee and he played with it for a little while and concluded that he didn't know what was wrong. My theory is that it is related to their new software. I am very bummed by this. I really liked using their paper and ink to print their coupons and now, it doesn't appear that this will be an option. I did have the two I was able to print from home, so I went ahead and picked those up. While looking for the variety I wanted, I found that Market Pantry Apple Juice was being substituted for the Ocean Spray that was on special this week, but out.

Transaction #1
2 - 12pk Mtn Dew Voltage
2 - Market Pantry Apple Juice

-$1 Pepsi 12-pk Target coupon
-$1 Pepsi 12-pk Target coupon
-$.05 bag credit

Total $4.70. Paid with $.67 on one gift card and $4.03 on the other gift card. I like buying stuff without paying with actual cash.

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