Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Tangled Hair

My daughter has lots of wonderful, thick hair. Wonderful that is until it is all tangled. Then it is a battlefield. She gets upset as I try to brush through it. For a while, I debated having her wear it shorter, so that the amount that could tangle would be reduced, but I love her hair a little longer (just past shoulder length). That length lets me braid and french braid, do ponytails and pigtails, and to put it back in barrettes and headbands.

I needed a way to reduce the battles though when I combed through her hair. I use a detangler spray after bath, but you still have to work it into a tangle for it to help. Then, a while back, I discovered that by brushing her hair before her bath, before bedtime, before swimming, etc., reduced the amount of tangles that appear after her bath, in the morning, when we are done swimming. It's really a simple task that takes but a minute to do, but has saved us countless tears.

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Unknown said...

Another thing that might help is combing through it before you rinse the conditioner. The thick mass of cream makes the hair a little smoother, and using a detangling comb rather than a small-tooth one helps with the pulling, too. Lots of experience talkin' here... Thanks for sharing!

No I wasn't Sleeping said...

We have also found that sleeping in a loose braid at night keeps many of the tangles away.

Jules said...

I used to do this for her, but now that she's older, my daughter does it herself. In the shower or bath she puts (a lot of) conditioner in her hair and brushes through it. She keeps brushing as she rinses. It stays tangle free all day.

Sincerely, a lurker who was just referred to your site from a friend of a friend. :D