Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Monsters, Inc and Up DVD Deal

Yesterday, Monsters, Inc and Up were released on Blu-Ray. A while back, I saw the Target coupon as part of their toy coupons release for $10 off when you purchased both the Monster, Inc and the Up Blu-Ray. There also was a coupon for Monsters, Inc available through Disney Movie Rewards, that my husband had found.

In looking through my ads this weekend, it appeared that the best price for the Blu-Ray combo (includes DVD) was at Best Buy - $23.99 for Up and $18.99 for Monsters, Inc (when you purchase Up too). I sent my husband to Target to do the price match and pick up the Blu-Ray combos using the Target toy coupon.

Here is the deal:
1 - Up Blu-Ray/DVD combo(rang up at $19.99)
1 - Monsters, Inc Blu-Ray/DVD combo(price matched at $18.99)

-$10 Up Blu-Ray Combo pack IP
-$8 Monsters, Inc Blu-Ray Combo pack IP
-$10 Target Coupon when you buy Up and Monsters, Inc Blu-Ray

Total $12.86 OOP. The best part is that I will buy two boxes of pasta (which we use) and will then submit for the Pasta and a Movie rebate of $4. My net price for each of the Blu-Ray/DVD combos will be $4.43! Wow! That is an amazing price for a DVD, and even more so for both the Blu-Ray and the DVD.

Since we bought it at Target, we also got their exclusive "My Adventure Journal" for free as well.

I actually didn't learn about the $10 Up IP until after he made his purchase (thank you Deal Seeking Mom). So, I called Target and asked if I would need to repurchase to use the coupon and they told me they could scan my receipt and do it as a missed coupon. Super easy - my husband said it took about 2 minutes to get the $10 credit back.

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