Tuesday, November 24, 2009


I'm a sucker for snacks. It's the main reason that I need to do a Fat Burnin' Friday post. One of the challenges with snacking, is that it tends to lead to cycle snacking...something crunchy, followed by something sweet, followed by something salty, followed by something sweet...if one snack doesn't do it and satisfy my craving, I try the next thing. Talk about a bad way to consume a lot of calories!

For me the secret of minimizing snacking is to find a great all in one snack, something that is sweet, salty and crunchy. It is more likely to satisfy my craving than a snack that is just one. If you are looking for an all in one snack, one to try is Poppycock. The salty, sweet flavor of the popcorn coated in that caramel-esque glaze, along with the salty sweetness of the almonds and pecans in the same glaze provides a nice sweet, salty and crunchy combination to satisfy the need for sweet, salty and crunchy all in one snack.

I didn't realize how many varieties of Poppycock there are. There's Original, Chocolate Lover's, Cashew Lovers, and even Pecan Delight. I'm not sure that you can go wrong combining caramel corn with chocolate - yum!

I will confess, that I don't eat nuts...I know, they are half the reason for eating the Poppycock. I do eat around them so that I can enjoy the sweet and salty popcorn coated in their "amazing glaze". My husband, who eats the nuts too, agrees that Poppycock is a nice sweet, salty, and crunchy snack.

Have you tried Poppycock? What do you think? Share a comment or link to a post.

I did not receive any compensation for this post, but did receive a small canister of Poppycock to try in order share my opinion.