Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Healthy Home Party

Well, I've told you about my Kraft Homestyle Comfort Food House Party and my Hex Bug Nano Home Party, but the last of my concurrent parties was a Healthy Home Party. I had learned about Healthy Home Party online through and they offer a number of resources on creating healthy environments for kids. I found the kit that they sent for the party and the information included to be very interesting.

I set out all of the samples, coupons and literature that they had provided on the end of my dining room table. As my guests and I watched the kids play with the Hex Bugs we talked about creating healthy environments. Most of the guests seemed to be in agreement, that though they took steps to be green, there was a lot that they weren't doing. I mentioned to one of my friends that I take a cup to work every day for drinking my water, but that I don't take a mug in and when I drink coffee or tea, I'm using a disposable cup. It would be so easy for me to just take in a mug and bring it home to wash each night, just like my cup.

We talked about buying organic food and other products. I really enjoy organic milk - it has a great creamy, smoothness that I don't get from other milks, even the lowfat organic milk is creamy and full. We talked about how some of the guests do buy some organic, but not exclusively. I mentioned that I have a cousin that is very much into living green and when they were expecting everything they put on their baby registry was organic and/or environmentally friendly. I had never really thought about it at that level - organic cotton blankets, organic cotton onesies, and such.

One of the items that came in the kit was a Kid Kanteen from Klean Kanteen. What made it so cool is that it came with a Sippy Lid. I think it is great idea. We have a few stainless bottles that we use and I really like that this provides an opportunity to use stainless bottles for the kids. My daughter was pretty excited when I filled the Kid Kanteen with water for her and took it to the soccer practice. My son was upset and he wanted the small bottle for his and offered her the large stainless bottle.

We also got some samples of Clif Kid Twisted Fruit. These were a hit with my son, who after eating just one asked if I could get more. I like that each twist contains a full serving of fruit. When I looked on their product finder, I can get them at the local Sam's Club. I haven't been there since the party, but plan to look for more when I do go.

We received a number of coupons and even after I shared them with my party guests and some co-workers, I have coupons left. I would like to share those with you!


Three (3) A Busy Mom of Two readers will be selected to receive a collection of coupons from the party. At a minimum the coupon collection will include the following:

2 - $.50 on any Luna or Luna Protein mfg coupon (expires 3/31/11)
1 - $1 on any CleanWell Hand Sanitizer or Foaming Hand Soap mfg coupon (expires 11/31/11)
2 - $.75 on any Earthbound Farm Salad (expires 5/31/11)
2 - $.75 on any Earthbound Farm Product (expires 5/31/11)
3 - $7.50 in Organic Valley coupons - includes $1 off a gallon of milk, $1 off 1/2 gallon soy milk, $1 off any one Organic Valley Butter, $1 off any one Organic Valley cheese, $1 off Organic Valley Eggs and more (expires 3/31/11)
2 - $1 off 100oz ECOS Laundry Detergent (expires 12/31/10)
1 - $1 off any Earth Friendly Product
1 - sheet of 4 $1 off Seventh Generation products - diapers, dish product, cleaner and laundry (expires 3/31/11)
That's a total of at least $32.50 in coupons for organic, natural and earth friendly products.

To enter - leave a comment sharing how you are trying to be green.

Giveaway will remain open until October 19th at 6 pm and is open to residents of US only. Winners will be selected using random number generator. The winners will be contacted by e-mail (Please make sure that your email address is either in your comment or clearly visible on your profile or blog) and will have 48 hours to respond or a new winner may be selected.

No compensation was received for this post. I received a Healthy Home Party Kit to share the information, samples and coupons with my friends.


Theresa said...

We recycle and compost. And I totally agree with you on the organic milk!

eclairre said...

I've been sure to recycle all my magazines and newspapers I've gotten for the past two months. I also recycle bottles and cans.

Jan said...

I strive to buy local sustainable produce.

I am also having a giveaway

Sarah said...

Our family recycles and tries to buy local produce!

Kelly said...

I am trying to be green by using cleaners like Seventh Generation, recycling everything possible, and buying organic and local meats when we can. If we can skip out on any of the pesticides, hormones, antibiotics, etc., I call it a victory for us and our children.
reporterkc at hotmail [dot] com

Jay said...

We try to be green by recycling a lot, reusing packages, and turning lights off.

Daphne said...

We have been going green by using homemade cleaning products, and buy products like 7th generation which has a great news letter with lots of valuable information. Going green doesn't have to cost more. Green dairy products are a MUST! Everyone deserves better.


KCMichigan said...

We are trying to go green by recycling, reusing, and buying from our farmers market!

kclements2001 (at) hotmail (dot) com

LaVonne said...

What an awesome party. I love buying green, natural and organic products now. We have made the switch to about 80% organic food, 90% of our cleaners are now natural, and we pay for curbside recycling.

Anonymous said...

We garden and I home can to reduce waste that you would buy from a grocery store. We recycle, and reuse almost everything we possibly can. Reusing ziploc bags saves money and the environmnet. Thanks! Paula
cornellfamily at centurytel dot net