Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Flavored Water

When it comes to drinking water, I generally have no problem. I fill a cup each morning before I exercise. I fill a cup for the drive to work. I fill the cup for my morning. I fill the cup for lunch. I fill the cup for the afternoon. I fill the cup for dinner. The cup holds 16oz, so I get 96 oz without much trouble. The trouble is that sometimes drinking that much plain water, it doesn't work for me.

To keep my water fresh, I mix it up. Sometimes I add lemons to it to get that fresh lemon flavor. If I don't have lemons, a couple drops of lemon juice can give it the same fresh flavor (just don't put too much in, a drop will do it). Sometimes I rely on drink sticks (generally something with an added advantage like the protein in Special K Protein Water sticks or the fiber in Benefiber flavored drink sticks) to give me flavor. Sometimes, I still just drink plain old water from the tap.

Speaking of tap water, I'm one of those strange birds who prefers plain water barely cool from the tap. If I'm adding lemon or a drink stick, the colder the better, but plain water I'm not a big fan of super cold water (except when I was pregnant and I couldn't make it cold enough?).

Mixing it up, helps me meet my daily water intake and that Works for Me Wednesday and other days too!