Monday, November 22, 2010

Mamavation Monday

Last week was a very busy week. I had dinners many evenings for work. This made it very difficult to stick to both my eating plan and my workout plan. And, I did pretty good. I worked out both in the morning and the evening to start the week. The morning was P90X and the evening was either Ab Ripper X or Walk At Home 2 mile workout. It started to crumble on Thursday. I was so exhausted that I decided to sleep for a little bit, since I knew I couldn't fit in my full workout. I did walk on Thursday night...but I also ate a wonderful delectable dessert and some appetizers at dinner, I had steered clear of both earlier in the week, but I was weak and how could I pass on Pumpkin Creme Brulee? So creamy smooth, yum. On a positive note, I did share it with a co-worker, so it was only half bad. Friday was a return to routine, but I'm not sure I gave it my all.

This weekend was relatively smooth, until I tried this new bread dip - you know those seasonings that you add to olive oil? - it was absolutely addictive, I ate way more bread than I normally would or would reasonably expect to. I have to figure that one out, how do I enjoy that bread dip at home and not over do it?

Needless to say, the scale was a little bit flat for the week.

The good thing is that I started right back onto my P90X morning/Ab Ripper or Walk At Home routine this morning. I am confident that I will do better this week, even with Thanksgiving. (writing that makes me want to break out in "I have confidence in confidence alone, besides which you see I have confidence in me...", but that is another story - I never did share about my trip to the Sound of Music Sing A Long at the theater or the CD soundtrack I listen to all the time now - have you ever noticed how it's hard not to smile when singing many of those songs. But, I digress...)

This post shared at Mamavation Monday. Subway Fresh Buzz and their Commit to Fit is the sponsor of this week's Mamavation Monday. They ask, what fit commitment are you going to make? My first answer is to complete P90X, but then I would like to mix it up and try some of the other Tony Horton DVDs. They are sponsoring a giveaway of $100 to support one participant's Commit to Fit.


Rachel Holloway said...

You can do it!!! So you slipped up a big, no biggie! New week--new goals! :)

Pamela M. Kramer - A Renaissance Woman said...

Where is the recipe girl? Share it.

Dawn said...

Bread...the word alone makes me shake!! I love bread and I love with stuff on it!!

Way to get back on your program, consistency over time is the key! Enjoy your holiday!