Sunday, May 8, 2011

CVS Deals

I actually made a couple more stops at CVS last week.

The first time, I went looking for some Pepsi 2L sale, but they didn't have the caffeine free Pepsi items in the 2L. I did pick up some rain check items, while I was there.

1 - Blink Tears
2 - Aquafresh Kids
3 - 2L of Pepsi products

-$1 mfg coupon

Total $10.87, paid with $10 ECB and $.87 OOP. Earned $8 ECBs.

The next visit, I took advantage of the $5/$20 coupon from the Washington Post, e-issue.

2 - Benefiber Flavor Sticks
1 - Benefiber Tablets
1 - Card

-$5 $5/$20 CVS coupon
-$3 Benefiber IP
-$3 Benefiber IP
-$3 Benefiber IP

Paid with $8 ECB from the last visit and $4.49 OOP. Earned $1 (green bag tag) and $10 ECBs.

For these two visits, I spent $5.36 OOP for $38.36 in product, with an increase of $1 ECB.

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