Monday, May 23, 2011

Mamavation Monday

It's Monday. It feels like Monday. I had a great week last week and a good weekend, but for some reason today at work, every time I stopped for a minutes, I was eating. I'm sure I wasn't hungry, perhaps a little bored?, perhaps a little too close to food?, perhaps just Monday? (okay, really, I wasn't eating all of the time, it just was that I found myself snacking, which I don't normally do a lot of)

Normally, I do a decent job with eating healthy at work. I bring oatmeal and a banana for breakfast, allowing me to eat one at 8:30 and the other closer to 10. Keeps me from getting munchies and searching out food. I pack my lunch, so I am able to exercise portion control and plan a well-balanced meal. I also generally include a fruit or something for around 2pm.

Today, was different. First, I didn't pack - so I was at the whim of my stomach and taste buds. I think that the whole "eyes are bigger than the stomach" thing came into play. The thing that amazes me, is that frequently, when I am eating too much...I manage to do it with otherwise innocuous foods. Foods I normally wouldn't think of as tempting foods or foods that I would overeat - meaning not chocolate or chips or ice cream or one of my other weaknesses. Random things, like cheese, crackers, or today, peanut butter and jelly. The funny thing about that is that I had my first peanut butter and jelly sandwich less than a year ago. There were chips and cookies, but I didn't go for them...I reasoned that having a sandwich was healthier for me. Was it? Who knows?

I had a reasonable dinner and am feeling better, although I sit here, wondering why did I have that kind of day? I will say that I consumed more than my normal PointsPlus values today. Normally, I spend my daily plus a couple of my weekly each day. Today, I used 10 of my weekly PointsPlus values...and next weekend is picnic weekend, when I will wish I had those PointsPlus values to burn. (there is one challenge of starting the recording week on a Monday, by the time the weekend is here, I may or may not have PointsPlus values remaining. I have to work really hard to plan ahead for weekend outings and not use too many during the week.)
Tomorrow, I am sure I will be fine. I will pack my lunch. I will be so busy all day, that food won't have a chance to enter my mind. I plan to start my day right with exercising too. I had been on a really good kick, but have been so tired lately and so busy with the kids, that going to bed early hasn't been fitting in, and as a result, my morning exercise routine was anything but routine. Tomorrow, I plan to get up and work out.

How was your week?

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