Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Hormel Compleats Kids

Recently, we had the opportunity to try Hormel Compleats Kids. We are familiar with the Hormel Compleats line and generally have a few on hand for my husband to pack in his lunch, but had not yet seen or tried the Kids line.

My son was super excited by these. When I came home from the store with the first one, he wanted to know if he could pack it in his lunch the next day. I suggested that he wait and try them over the weekend at home. I am not sure that they have access to a microwave at school and wanted to make sure that he liked it before he packed it in a lunch.

We made them the following weekend. He tried the Beef Ravioli variety first. He seemed to enjoy it and ate it all. We had it with some munchies and fruit and it seemed to be the right size meal for him.

I like the flexibility that the line provides at lunch. Normally, if we are having a canned pasta style lunch, both kids have to agree to the same type. With the Hormel Compleats Kids, they could each choose a different variety. In fact, there are four flavors to choose from:

Spaghetti & Meatballs
Pasta & Chicken
Beef Ravioli
Macaroni & Beef

The product is easy to prepare, slit the plastic and microwave for 45 s. The contents are pretty hot and we let it sit for about a minute before serving to the kids.

When asked what he thought of the Hormel Compleats Kids, he says "I like that you could heat them up in like 60 seconds and they were good. And, you got a sticker."

I didn't have a chance to taste all of the varieties, but I can tell you that from my perspective that the flavor was a little lackluster. Perhaps I am used to other prepared foods for adults that come with a little more seasoning, but since they are geared for kids, I guess it is more important that my son liked them.

Based on the nutritional data from the website, the varieties have from 140 - 230 calories per serving and contain 3g of Fiber. According to the package, "Compleats Kids Meets Healthy Food Guidelines Established by the USDA".

For those times that we would be selecting a prepared pasta for lunch, these make a nice alternative. They were enjoyed by the kids and easy to prepare.

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