Saturday, May 14, 2011

Walgreens Deals - 5/14

I happened to be near a Walgreens on Friday evening, so I stopped in to check out the Cottonelle deal to see if the RR were generating. I had asked the clerk if she knew if the size that I had was the right size and she told me that she wasn't sure, but if it didn't work, she could always return them if I didn't want them. As you can see, it worked!

Transaction #1
2 - Cottonelle Large Rolls, 12pk

-$.50 Cottonelle IP
-$.50 Cottonelle IP
-$2 2x$1 Cottonelle IVC from May booklet

Total $7.65 OOP, earned $3 RR.

Transaction #2
1 - Gillette ProGlide Razor
1 - Laffy Taffy (filler)

-$4 Gillette ProGlide mfg coupon

-$3 RR

Total 3.63 OOP, earned $5 RR.

Transaction #3
2 - Cottonelle Large Roll, 12 pk
1 - Laffy Taffy

-$.50 Cottonelle IP
-$.50 Cottonelle IP
-$2 2x$1 Cottonelle IVC from May booklet

-$5 RR

Total $2.75 OOP, earned $3 RR.

My thought was to do the Gillette ProGlide one more time, but I mentioned that I was going to get some milk to spend the RR and she let me know that you can't use the RR to pay for dairy. I was a little surprised by that, but since I couldn't spend it on milk, I wasn't sure what else I was going to get (of course, I remembered when I got home that I had planned to pick up some of the Nexcare bandages. why is it I remember once I'm home and not there).

Transaction #4
1 - RoldGold Honey Wheat Braids
1 - bag Smarties
1 - bag Gummy Bears
1 - Laffy Taffy

-$3 RR

Total $.07 OOP.

My total OOP for the day was $14.10 and my savings (according to my receipts) was $26.10. So, my savings was about 66%.

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Robert said...

I have started keeping a running list of items that I need that are small so that I don't buy all the candy.
Examples from my list :

Jelly etc...

Most of these items are fairly cheap to throw in and we get one more item needed for the home.