Friday, December 11, 2009

Fat Burnin' Friday

When I stepped on the scale this morning I was disappointed. I thought I hadn't lost weight and then, I checked last week's post and realized, I had lost weight and clearly just didn't know where I was at last week.

Overall, it was a good week. My Father-in-Law was here last weekend and we ate out for dinner two times while he was here. I was able to plan for those meals and not eat a large lunch to save a few points for dinner. There was a goodie day at work, but I started with a bowl of potato and ham soup for lunch and then filled my plate smartly with a lot of fresh veggies (just a little dip), some corn casserole and a small amount of a few treats. By taking a taste of a few different treats, I didn't feel deprived - something that can put you in a vicious cycle. I lucked out that we were light on desserts and no one brought the buffalo chicken dip, which I thoroughly enjoy, probably because three people brought it last year.

I went shopping last weekend because I had to spend some Kohl's Cash I earned on Black Friday. On a whim, I grabbed some jeans to try on, in a size smaller than I was wearing. They fit!!! I was so stoked. I had to buy them. It's the only smaller pair I have, as I don't' want to invest much if this is a pass through size. Right now, my clothes still fit but are starting to get loose. I will have to figure out the right point to purchase smaller pants.

At Weight Watchers, I had a very successful weigh in on Monday and have lost over 16# since joining Weight Watchers back in September. Unfortunately, I weighed in before dinner. I always weigh in after dinner, after most of my Points are consumed. I'm not sure what impact it will have next week, but I speculate that it will make it a little harder to have a good weight loss. I am staying optimistic that with a successful week, I can still have a weight loss.

I lost just 1 1/2# this week and now have only 22# to go. I am only 2 pounds away from being half way to my goal. I really think that being half way to my goal by Christmas should be completely feasible.