Friday, December 18, 2009

Fat Burnin' Friday

Well, here we are one week until Christmas and in the thick of holiday festivities, gatherings and feasts. I was really concerned about this week. I knew it would be a struggle. It turned out that my struggles weren't just food temptation related. We started the weekend with a Christmas party at a friends house. I did surprisingly well, chose my snacks in a healthy fashion and limited the amount of treats that I had. All week long there seem to have been sweets within reach at work. I did pretty good not overdoing it on them. On Thursday night, we had my work Holiday party. The challenge at this event that it wasn't a dinner, but was at dinner time. With "heavy hors d'oeuvres" to munch on, it had the opportunity to be a real challenge. I sampled one of everything that I liked and then went back for a plate of vegetables and fruit. I limited myself to one glass of wine and drank lots of water. The hardest thing was the cheese tray. It had soft goat cheese on it, which I really enjoy. I took a little more than I probably should have, but since the food I ate was my dinner, I figure it wasn't the worst thing.

In addition to all of the food I had available this week, I also found myself busy trying to get everything ready for my son's last day of school and our family Christmas this weekend. As a result, I was staying up later than I would normally. This of course, left me tired in the mornings, making getting up to exercise a real challenge. I persevered and got up every morning. On a couple of occasions, I had to skip a section of the video to ensure that I got work on time, as I had overslept, but I got up and did it.

It all paid off in the end, on a week that could have been a real detriment to my success, I am happy to report that I lost 1/2#! Not a big loss, but most important at this time of the year, not a gain.

At Weight Watchers this week, as expected I posted a slight gain. I wasn't upset by this, because the previous week I had weighed in before dinner, a meal where I typically consume about 1/3 of my daily Points. I expected that it would be hard to have a loss, but I am hopeful that I am more successful this week.

I now have 21.5# to go until my current goal. I am almost half weigh from where I started, with any luck, I will have a great week and will meet my short term goal of being half way by Christmas.