Wednesday, December 9, 2009


Everyone needs motivation. It's what drives us towards our goals. Those goals can be big or small.

When it comes to fitness and weight loss, I sometimes struggle with motivation. One of my biggest challenges used to be that I would set too high of a goal for myself. When I wasn't getting to my goal, I would become frustrated and lose my focus. Next thing I knew, I would be right back where I started, feeling disappointed in myself.

This time around, it has been different. I am nearly half way to my big goal, but I have been celebrating the little victories along the way.

One thing that has helped me focus on the little victories is my Weight Watchers meeting. When you join, you don't set a goal weight. I imagine that it is because in the beginning, this would be too much. They provide you with a 5% and a 10% weight loss target. Your goal weight is set after you have reached these progress points. At the meetings, they celebrate each 5# lost and as you pass them, you celebrate your 5% and then 10% weight loss. They even have special stickers to celebrate each victory. During the meetings, everyone can share their little victories - on the scale or otherwise. For me, I have been able to celebrate a few 5# losses and 5%. Two non-scale victories for me have been the first time someone commented on my weight loss (makes you feel awesome when someone notices) and when I went shopping this weekend and tried on and bought the next size smaller in jeans.

When it comes to exercise, it sounds strange, but the tenderness of my muscles the day after I work out is a great motivator. It is my body's way of saying, hey you pushed us and now we are getting stronger. Not only that, but I feel so energized the rest of the day when I get up and work out in the morning.

Another motivator to me is one of my co-workers, she doesn't know it but she inspires me. She never struck me as heavy or unfit, but she started doing P90X and now she looks amazing. She was the reason that I started doing P90X. I thought, if someone who already looked good can get those results, what could it do for someone like me who had weight to lose.

This time around, I will be successful at my weight loss and fitness goals. I am already almost half way to my weight loss goals. Finding the motivation that works for me is helping me achieve my goals.

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Unknown said...

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Unknown said...

You are doing awesome!

Unknown said...

Motivation is so tough when trying to lose weight. I have a ten month old, and in the past two months, my motivation has really tanked. Great post and keep up the good work!! Good luck!