Tuesday, December 15, 2009

No Slip Ponytail Elastics

This past week, the hairdryer that we keep in the guest bathroom stopped working. It wasn't a new hairdryer, it had been my travel hairdryer for years. It also wasn't a very powerful hairdryer, it was a travel one. Remember when hotels didn't all have hairdryers?

So, last week when my husband was out running other errands, he was kind enough to pick up a new one. My requests were simple, it needed to have multiple temperatures and multiple speeds. He found one that did just that and included inside were two simple ponytail elastics. They were much too big for my daughter, so I snagged them and put them in my room.

Well, this morning, when I went to exercise, I grabbed one of those ponytail elastics. You know what? I LOVED it! There is no brand information, but from what I could find, it seems likely that they were the Scunci. I didn't know until today, but Scunci is a part of Conair and the hairdryer my husband selected was a Conair.

What did I love? My hair stayed up in my ponytail while I was working out. Which, when you are doing Plyometrics (part of P90X) is HUGE! With my regular, standard ponytail elastics, over the course of my workout, first my bangs and then more of my hair falls out of the ponytail. Then, I spend half of my time, pushing it off of my face, where it is sticking to me. Or, I stop and try to regather in a ponytail. Today, none of that. I had one or two loose wisps and that was it!

The concept seems simple enough, there is some sort of a rubber material inside the ponytail elastic that grips the hair and as the name suggests, it doesn't slip.

I highly recommend them to anyone that has trouble keeping their ponytails in place. Also, while researching them, I learned that there is a full line of No Slip products from Scunci - everything from bobby pins to barrettes to hair clips. I just might have to check some of these out. I'm thinking the bobby pins might be a great way to hold back my bangs in a stylish way, instead of just tucking them behind my ears.

Have you tried any of the No Slip line? What did you think?

This post shared at Works For Me Wednesday, because keeping my hair out of my way, it works for me!

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Unknown said...

I am never without a no-slip pony tail holder! I love that they don't have the little metal clasp that gets tangled up in hair and breaks it.

Melissa said...

I'll definitely have to look into those. Thanks for the tip!

Michelle said...

I love them too! The only thing that bugs me is they seem to get a little bit stretched out after a few uses so they don't hold as tight. Now I alternate, if I use one on a Monday, I try not to use it again for a few days. Seems to help!

~Rhen @yestheyareallmine said...

We love those as well! We have a competitive gymnast daughter, and these are essential for keeping her hair back and controlled!