Thursday, March 19, 2009

Chipotle Chicken

My husband has a favorite that he orders whenever we go out locally for Mexican. It's #54. My children know that Daddy always orders #54. It is a spicy meal that my husband feels is best when he has sweat on his brow.

Since we can't go out all the time, that would be way too expensive and not very healthy, I created my own version of #54 to enjoy at home. My son didn't realize that it had an actual description, like everything else we order. We have always called it #54, even when I do my meal plan for the week, I write down #54, but in reality it is Chipotle Chicken.

Chipotle Chicken

1# Chicken Breast, cut into pieces
1/2# Bacon, cut in half
2 Pablano Peppers, sliced
1 c Chipotle sauce

In a skillet, over medium heat, cook the chicken, bacon and pablano peppers, until the chicken is cooked through. Add the Chipotle sauce and reduce heat. Simmer.

Serve on small flour tortillas with Pinto Beans and Mexican Rice.

If you are unable to purchase Chipotle Sauce, then you could always buy canned Chipotle Peppers and puree in your food processor to create your sauce.

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Stacey M said...

Where do you typically buy Chipotle sauce? What brand?

Barbara said...

I'm not sure what brand we buy, but my husband usually buys it in the ethnic foods section at Publix in our area--Fl. Like with the Mexican foods. I don't think that we've bought it at WalMart.

Barbara said...

Publix, I think, down here in FL. We don't have any in the pantry at the moment.