Friday, March 6, 2009

Fat Burnin' Friday

I finally am back in a groove...unfortunately, I didn't lose any weight. I'm going to give it some time though. My friend said, maybe it's because your body is building muscle which weighs more - I'm not buying that.

My plan:

I am writing down everything I eat now and shooting for a target caloric intake, while also being mindful of my fat, fiber and protein intake. I think that helps a lot. If you write down what you eat, not only do you have a better feel for how many calories each bite you take is worth, but I think it makes me more likely to resist temptation. Somehow, knowing that eating xxx means I have to add xxx calories to my total, makes it less desirable. So far, I have done good. I have had a couple of treats - but I count them and make sure I stay in my range.

I am exercising every morning (well, almost every morning, overslept my alarm one morning). I have started doing P90X. It is a great work out for me. It alternates muscle toning days with cardiovascular days. The best part for me is that in the first month, there are six workouts - one for everyday of the week (plus a day off), so I don't get bored. There are many parts of the program that I can't do, but I keep trying. "Do your best, forget the rest"

I am confident that I will start to see results. I just hope it is soon. I bought a treat for myself today, because I was feeling frustrated by not losing - that won't help me - but I did go through a number of options before deciding on a nearly 100 calorie treat - not so awful in the grand scheme.

Pounds lost to date: 7#
Pounds to go: 26#


Andrea @ Mommy said...

Uggh...don't you hate to hear the whole "muscle weighs more than fat" response! is so true :-) There were weeks when I lost nothing and I knew I burnt more than my fair share of calories. Then, there were weeks I would lose a lot and knew I ate my fair share of ding dongs!! :-)

You have a great plan here! Good luck this week :-)