Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Tried It Tuesday - The Fragrance Collection by Glade

As a participant in BzzAgent, I get the opportunity to try a lot of new products (at least new to me). My most recent opportunity is The Fragrance Collection by Glade. They sent me a multi-wick soy based candle in Currants and Acai, which smells wonderful. The multi-wick candle is also available in Sheer White Cotton and Lotus Bamboo. Both of these scents are also great - they included a scent card so I could experience all of the scents. I think the next one I would try would be the Sheer White Cotton. It conjures up memories of freshly washed sheets that have been hung on the line to dry.

I am a fan of candles. I frequently will light a candle on my kitchen counter to enjoy. I find that the flickering light can be very relaxing. In addition, the scents that fill your home when these candles are burning is terrific. Candles really can create a mood and make your house feel homey and inviting. When I am hosting a party, I like to light a candle in the bathroom.

The multi-wick candle, with its three wicks is nice because it allows for it to burn down more evenly. The 10 oz candle will burn for up to 35 hours and retails for $8.99. Compared to some other fancy candles, this is a decent price and since it is by Glade, you can find it where you do your regular shopping, no need to make a second stop to pick up a boutique candle.

In addition to the multi-wick soy based candles, there are reed diffusers and smaller 4.9oz soy candles in The Fragrance Collection. The reed diffusers come in the same scents as the multi-wick candles and retail for the same $8.99 for 12 reeds and 1.62 fl oz of fragrant oil. The soy candles come in three different scents - McIntosh Apple (92.4% natural), Earthly Awakening (93.0% natural) and Orange Vanilla (94.2% natural) - and burn for up to 26 hours with a suggested retail of $5.99. I think that the Orange Vanilla is the most intriguing of these three scents to me.

You can get a $2 coupon to try anything from The Fragrance Collection here.

Have you tried any of The Fragrance Collection by Glade? What is your favorite? Share with us something that you have tried. You can leave a comment below or link to your blog. Just be sure to leave a link back to this post on your blog.


Anonymous said...

I just got two $4.00 off coupons from the glade website and bought two of the small ones at Wal Mart which i ended up paying only $1.77 for each. I got the Mcintosh apple and earthly awakening. I love them both. Wish i could get more coupns like that!