Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Tried It Tuesday - Kashi Cereal

Back in the fall, there was a deal at Target for Kashi products. I don't remember the exact deal, but with sale prices and a gift card with purchase coupled with some coupons, I was able to get some cereal and frozen entrees for almost nothing.

I was a little leery before trying the cereals. The whole "7 Grains" thing had me a little worried that it would taste like cardboard. When I tried them the first time, I was pleasantly surprised. I really liked the cereal.

First we tried the GoLean Crunch. I found that I need to let it soak in my milk for a bit to get to a good texture - crunchy, but not so crunchy. I paired it each morning with blueberries. The cereal has a natural sweet flavor (guess that is the benefit of the 7 grains) and I really like that even after sitting in milk it is still crunchy, not mushy.

The next one I tried was the Heart to Heart Wild Blueberry Flake & Cluster Oat Cereal. This one was more of a flake cereal with clusters of fruit and grains. I found the cereal to have a great flavor and again, the natural sweetness with the 7 grains and the blueberry clusters.

My biggest challenge lately has been getting to eat the cereal. My kids love it. Given the choice, they choose the Kashi cereal. On one hand, I am glad that they choose this healthy cereal; but on the other hand, that's "Mommy's cereal" and I want to keep it for myself.

Right now, we are eating Go Lean Crunch. Unlike your average cereal, this one is loaded with not only fiber, but also protein (9g per serving, for perspective Total has 2g). This makes me feel extra good, I read in a magazine article that it is important to have protein at breakfast. The kids love to add blueberries to it, fresh or frozen. The frozen ones are almost more fun because the milk freezes around the blueberry and it's like eating ice cream in your cereal.

I did caution my husband to watch the serving size when serving it to the kids, it contains 32% of the daily recommended fiber based on a 2,000 calorie diet. A child clearly is not consuming that much and so a full serving of the cereal provides what is probably more than 50% of their daily recommended fiber.

I have learned that unlike the regular, sugar coated cereal (which I admit, I like as well), the Kashi cereal is not on sale very frequently and I haven't found coupons for Kashi, other than occasionally on their website. When I do find deals on the Kashi cereals, I make sure that I take advantage of them.

You can find out more about Kashi cereals by checking out the Kashi website.

Have you tried the Kashi cereals? What is your favorite? Have you tried something else? Leave a comment or link to your blog post. Just be sure to link back to Tried it Tuesday from your post.


Tara said...

Kashi Cereal, granola, all bran.. all those choices are so much better than the sugar cereals.. I always feel so awful after I eat a sugar cereal.. my energy is zapped.. and my son acts crazy lol All Bran happens to be our favorite.. but its about balance and right nutrition. I know what you mean..about kids eating "moms" cereal.. Because my son loves to eat All Bran Yogurt bite cereal lol Ahh... and the boxes they sell them in are so tiny..ugh lol :)

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