Saturday, March 28, 2009

Land O' Lakes House Party

Yeah!!! Today, I hosted my first House Party. It was a blast. The party sponsor was Land O' Lakes. The theme was 'Add Simple Goodness to Any Night'.

Including the kids, there were 10 of us at the party. My son was prompt to add an 11th, because by including the cat, there were two boys.

Land O'Lakes was kind enough to send along some swag to share with all of the guests. The gift included reusable grocery totes, an apron, coupons, recipes, freezer labels and more.

As the guests arrived, we gathered in the kitchen and everyone donned their aprons and we set off on a fun-filled, afternoon of baking, cooking and chatting. It was a great time. I love to cook, I love to visit and I love to it was the best of all worlds for me.

One thing I really liked is that many of the main course recipes in the recipe booklets included directions for 'Freeze and Bake Later Method'. The recipes all used very basic ingredients, nothing crazy - making them family friendly and at the same time, very delicious.

We prepared some wonderful recipes from the recipe booklet:
Veggie Wrap-Ups
Hot Swiss and Ham Dip
Cucumber & Swiss Rye Bites
Cheddar Pan Biscuits
Ranch Chicken & Rice Bake
Oven Ready Macaroni & Cheese

left - cheddar pan biscuits, middle - oven ready macaroni & cheese, right - ranch chicken & rice bake

Slice & Bake Shortbread Cookies

The recipe we had for the Cheddar Pan Biscuits actually used American slices instead of cheddar, but turned out delicious. I goofed and used too much pasta for the Macaroni & Cheese, but the flavor was good - next time, I'll read the recipe. I also added cinnamon to the cut and bake cookies, that was meant to coat them...I coated them anyway, they just had a little extra cinnamon panache.

A great time was had by all and there were even extras for the guests to take home. I hope I have the opportunity to host another House Party in the future, it was a wonderful time.