Friday, March 13, 2009

Fat Burnin' Friday

I did a pretty good job sticking to my plan this week.

I have been doing the P90X workout now for over 2 weeks. I really enjoy that it is different every morning. I like that no matter how tired I am when I get up, that I feel energized and exhausted when I am done. I am finding that as I start the third week that I am able to do more of the exercises/more repetitions of the exercises.

I did a pretty good job monitoring calories. It is a little more challenging when the dinners aren't easy to measure as pieces. For instance, on Sunday we had Saucy Cheesy Noodles - it was easy to total all the calories in the meal, but difficult to estimate what portion I had consumed (or how many servings there were). I tried to find a free program on line to enter a recipe and have it figure out the calories and other nutrients per serving, but I didn't find any that really seem to work for me. Chicken breast and a side of vegetables would have been easier because I could have weighed the chicken and measured the vegetables. I am determined though to not change what we eat for meals, but to just better portion myself.

After a couple of weeks of tracking, I can tell you that I am used to eating healthy. Yesterday, there was a catered lunch for a meeting. I decided to splurge and have some chips on the side and a cookie for dessert. Something about eating the junk made me hungry for other junk in the afternoon. Normally, I don't feel very hungry in the afternoon. Perhaps it wasn't the junk making me want junk, perhaps it was the empty calories leaving me not full. I won't make that mistake again. Better to skip it and have a granola bar or fruit later. My loss was better yesterday when I checked, so clearly this slip cost me some loss.

I guess though, you live and learn and now I will know that I shouldn't allow junk to perpetuate junk.

Pounds lost to date: 8#
Pounds to go: 25#


Delores said...

"allow junk to perpetuate junk" -- how true! Frequently, if I have one bite of something, it just goes downhill from there. Like the commercial: you can't eat just one. Well, I can't anyway. Great job on sticking to the plan! I need to get back on track with a plan.