Tuesday, September 9, 2008

CVS Deals - 9/8

I stopped at CVS on Monday to take advantage of the two day sale on Aussie products. Yet again, my transaction are similar to my scenarios, but I changed them up to better utilize my ECBs.

Additionally, my store was out of the Malt O Meal cereal. Turns out, the regular price is $1 and every time they get them in, they run out of them.

I tried to pick up the Aussie Leave In Conditioner - thinking it was a styling product, but it was not on sale.

In the end, here is what I bought today:

Transaction #1:

2 - 13.5oz Aussie Shampoo/Conditioner
1 - Loreal cleansing towelettes

- $2 $2/$10 CVS coupon
- $2 $2/2 Aussie coupon
- $2 Loreal mfg coupon

Paid with $5 ECBs (reduced down to $4.97) and $0.25 OOP. Earned $2 & $5.99 ECBs.

Transaction #2:

1 - 6oz Chex Mix Cheddar
1 - 4.5oz Chex Mix Turtle
2 - Speedstick Deodorant
2 - 2oz Twix candy bars (never shop before lunch)

- $1.50 2x$.75 Speedstick Mfg coupon
- $2 2x$1 Speedstick CRTs
- $2 2x$1 Chex Mix Mfg coupon

Paid $0.47 OOP.

Not too bad. I gained $2.99 in ECBs, which actually was higher than I had projected in my scenario and my OOP was less. Sometimes it pays to rearrange the scenarios to better match your ECBs.

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Miss Mommy said...

They were all out of the Malt O Meal at my store too!!! Now that I know it is a regular price...I will have to keep my eyes out for it!!

Carrie said...

Chex Mix Turtle?? I will have to keep an eye out for that!!

When I said I do . . . said...

I'm new to this. What are ECB's