Monday, September 1, 2008

Shopping Deals

I did my weekend shopping today.


Thanks to Marin at Frugonomics 101 for pointing out the deal on the PopTarts. I took my coupons from the Fuel for School flyer in the paper a few weeks ago, the Target coupons for the PopTarts, and some from the Kellogg's coupon book that was on display at a local grocery store. I wound up with the following:

4 - PopTarts
4 - Keebler Cookies
2 - Eggo Waffles
1 - Gallon Milk

This ran me $17.00. I received $10 in Target GC at check out and am submitting the purchase for the $10 Fuel for School rebate. So, I was paid $3 to take it all home.

I turned around and spent my gift cards and got the following:

2 - cat treats
1 - container wet cat food (had a free coupon)
1 - boy's shorts
1 - boy's sweatpants
4 - Suave Kid's Bodywash

After my $10 GC, it cost me $3.13 out of pocket. Not a bad day. $20 OOP for a lot of stuff that we will use and $10 of it will be coming back in the form of a rebate.

Giant Eagle:
Then, after putting away my perishables, I headed to Giant Eagle to use my FYB coupons from August All*You Magazine. They had KoolAid for 10 cents a piece. I got the free Kraft salad dressing, Oscar Mayer hot dogs, Wheat Thins, and Kraft Singles. I also did my weekly shopping, getting 3# chicken breast tenders, 2# ground meat, some Ball Park Hot dogs, a loaf of bread, 3 packages of yogurt, 2# butter, diced tomatoes, tomato sauce/paste, bananas, grapes, carrots, raisins, lunch meat and cheese, some microwave meals, 3 packages granola/cereal bars and I am sure something more. After sales and coupons, I paid $52 for $100 worth of groceries; a 48% savings.

I'm really liking reading everyone's tales of savings and applying those learnings to my shopping.

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