Monday, September 1, 2008

Money Saving Monday

I'm not sure if it just was because it was Labor Day, but we found quite a few deals today.

About 20 miles away, we have a Cinemark theater that plays second run films. Admission is $1.50 per person and $1.25 for matinees. We decided to take the kids to see a matinee showing of Kung Fu Panda and then, since it is located about a mile from Chick-fil-a, we could stop in for their Labor Day Promotion that I had read about on Money Saving Mom - wear the logo of your favorite college or professional football team and get a three pack of Chicken Strips for free.

When we were standing in line for our tickets, a movie on Labor Day is a popular idea, I noticed a sign in their window about Reel Family Time. Reel Family Time is an every Monday promotion they run, where families of 3 or more get in for 50 cents / person. You read right, 50 cents each. We all got into the movie for $2.00 total. What a deal! We had packed some snacks, but decided to splurge on popcorn. The small ran us $4.75 and was just the right amount. One nice thing, that I'm sure other theaters have and I just haven't noticed, was the booster seat for the kids. It even had it's own built in cup holder. It allowed both kids to see the movie while sitting in their own seat.

It was the first theater experience for our 21 mos old. She made it through most of the movie in her booster seat, moving to my lap and falling asleep in the last ten minutes.

The movie was cute. My son wanted to know right away if there was a Kung Fu Panda 2. So, I guess it met with his approval.

After the movie, we all donned our NY Giants gear and headed to Chick-fil-a. We got 4 3-pk Chicken Strips, a large Waffle Fry to share, a vanilla milk shake (thanks to the cashier who suggested it when my son was listening), and two small drinks. Our total for dinner was $7.78. As an added bonus, the Chick-fil-a has a kids play area. We played for a few minutes after dinner, which my son thinks is a huge treat since we don't go to many restaurants with a playland.

Movie and dinner for a family of 4, priceless. (Actually, $14.53 - not too bad!)