Monday, September 29, 2008

Kroger Deals - 9/28

We don't have a Kroger where I live, so this weekend when we went to visit my parent's house, I took the opportunity to stop in at Kroger. I had read about them having the 4-packs of Cottonelle for 99 cents and I had a stack of 50 cents off coupons that they double. Of course, a number had expired last weekend, but I still had 3.

I was able to get

3 - 4-ct Cottonelle single rolls
2 - V8 Soups (on sale for $2.50)
6 - bananas
1 - 3 pk of Pampers Clean and Go wipes, 60ct/pk (on sale for $5.99)
2 - Pillsbury Brownie mixes, family size (on sale for $1.)

and, after coupons, my total was $10.27. Without the wipes, my total would have been $5.27, but I only had one wipe left in the pack in my diaper bag, so I definitely needed these.


Lorrie said...

If you get a chance to go back to Kroger you might ask if they will take your expired coupons. Mine will take them up to 6 weeks past the expiration.

The Keevy Family said...

I am new to this grocery game stuff. Do you have to ask them to double the coupon?

BusyMom said...

Lorrie - I never would have thought to ask this, but I will keep it in mind.

the Keevy family - no, if they are eligible to double, they will automatically double.

Who is this CouponNerd? said...

Even the coupons that are marked "Do Not Double" are doubled at my Kroger. Kinda cool!