Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Number Games

I’m a numbers geek. I love playing Sudoku. I work a puzzle every night before bed. I recently started doing the Numbrix puzzles that Marilyn vos Savant includes each week in her column in Parade. You can check out the daily puzzle at this link. They aren't particularly challenging, but I find them entertaining.

I love that there are all of these new puzzles that are number games. I tried to do the Crossword Puzzles in the paper, but I don't have the breadth and depth of trivia knowledge to complete them in a reasonable period of time. With these number games, I can finish the puzzles, which gives me a great sense of satisfaction.

Here is a fun little number game you can play with your calculator. It reminds me of when I was a kid and how we would try to figure out how to enter the numbers to make your calculator read things like hello when turned upside down (0.7734, if you were wondering).

In this case, the answer to each “riddle” can be found by completing the calculation below the riddle and then turning the calculator upside down to read the answer:

What you wear on your feet?
105 x 29

Opposite of Tight?
1667 x 21

Eskimos live in this?
791/ 10,000

Underwater glasses?
5,555,555 – 175,646

What your writing should be?
3,456,543 + 325,394