Sunday, September 7, 2008

Walgreens - 9/7

As I said, when I posted my Walgreens scenarios for the week, I am new to the Walgreens process.

I learned a couple of valuable things today:
• You can combine a manufacturer coupon with a coupon from the Easy Saver catalog. They say they are manufacturer coupons right on them, but I asked my cashier if I could combine them or not. She said yes and both scanned correctly.
• If you process your RR last, your total number of coupons cannot exceed your item count. However, my cashier decided to try it a different way and found that if you scan the RR first and then the manufacturer coupons, you can use one coupon per item plus the RR.
• If an item is $0.99, you cannot use a $1.00 coupon. Now this may vary, but when I asked, the cashier said that they couldn’t reduce the coupon value to $0.99. So, I didn’t get the Chex Mix. I will have to pick that up at CVS, they have it on sale for $1.
• Paying with RR does not reduce the taxable portion of your order.

So, now for the transactions. I did four transactions, as I had planned, but I didn't get all of the same stuff.

Transaction #1

3 - 4 oz Robitussin
1 - .75 oz Visine

- $2 Visine Easy Saver Coupon
- $3 Visine Mfg coupon from All*You (some were saying you couldn't use this, but the text said any Visine, just the picture was Visine A)
- $9 - 3x$3 Robitussin Mfg coupon

$3.85 OOP. There was a lot more tax on this transaction than I had figured. I guess I didn't realize that there was tax on medicine. Earned $10 RR.

Transaction #2

1 - 29ct Pamper's Easy Ups (size 4)
1 - 500mL Crest ProHealth Mouthwash

- $10 RR (had to do it first for it to work)
- $2 Pamper's Mfg coupon
- $.75 Crest Mouthrinse Mfg coupon

$2.14 OOP. Earned $4.50 RR (surprised by this one, was supposed to be $4.49.)

Transaction #3

3 - 4oz Dimetapp

- $4.50 RR
- $6 - 3x$2 Dimetapp Mfg coupon

$2.25 OOP. Earned $10 RR.

Transaction #4

3 - 14oz Swedish Fish
1 - 14oz Sour Patch Kids
1 - 26ct Pamper's Easy Ups (size 5)

- $10 RR
- $2 - 2x$1/2 candy Mfg coupon
- $2 Pamper's Mfg coupon

$2.11 OOP.

According to my receipts, I saved $75.25 today (saved 88%). Not too bad. I spent $10.35 for 14 items including 2 packs of Easy Ups, 6 bottles (24 oz) of cold medicine, eye drops, mouth wash and 4 bags of candy.

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Instant Family of 4 said...

When doing 4 you bring everything to the register at once and then let them know you have 4 transactions or how do you do 4?

BusyMom said...

I usually bring it all with me and let them know I have multiple transactions. Then, if a line forms behind me, I will finish the current transaction and get at the end of the line. For me it easier than trying to make multiple visits. Most of the time, I am the only one in line and I can just do my four transactions.

Cris said...

Did you cut your name off the bottom of the Robitussin Q's? Just curious. I think I'm going to try the deal to get diapers and mouth wash. I think I can spend $5 to get diapers, Robitussin, mouthwash and $4.49 back. =) Thanks for the help!!! God Bless

The Timmons Gang said...

I am new to all of this. What are RR's? Where do you get all of the coupons?

BusyMom said...

Cris - no, I didn't cut off my name.

Timmons Gang - RR is Register Reward. It is a coupon that prints off after your transaction. You can use it like "cash" on your next purchase. My understanding though is that if you use an RR from a given deal to buy the deal again, you won't get the RR from that transaction.

BusyMom said...

Timmons Gang - as to your other question, I get most of my coupons through the Sunday paper, and company websites. There are also numerous links to internet printables on the sites that list the weekly deals with coupon matches.

The Taskers said...

Hi Busy Mom,

In response to your comment in your post about using a $1 MC on a .99 product - you CAN use them. The cashier doesn't need to reduce the product amount or anything, you just have them scan the product, then at the end scan the coupon. It produces what we in the couponing world call and "overage". If you look at the bottom of your receipt you'll notice that all the coupons ring up simply as "manufacturer coupon" and the amount - they aren't specified. This is the same for things like soap on sale for .89 and you have a $1 MC. I just went to CVS the other day and Dawn was on sale for 88c, I bought 4. Then I used 4 $1 coupons, so I essentially "made" 12c/item. This "overage" offset other purchases.

What CAN'T happen is buying 4 Dawns at 88c and using $1 coupons and then expecting them to give you the money back. You also can't apply this overage to the tax - you have to pay the tax, even on things you essentially get for "free".

Does that make sense?

So, go get your Chex mix! (I bought two the other day).

BusyMom said...

the Taskers - My cashier tried to scan the coupon and then tried to override it, but it kept beeping at her. Normally, I've been able to get overage at other stores, but this cashier tried a couple of times. She also wouldn't try to enter the coupon as 99cents either - which I have had other cashiers do at other stores.

Maybe a different cashier would have known what to do, but mine did not and I wasn't in the mood to push it. I did happily get my Chex mix at CVS, so it worked out in the end.