Tuesday, September 9, 2008

The Wonder of the Lint Roller

I think that lint rollers are such a great idea. Can you imagine the person who came up with the idea presenting it to his colleagues? I have this great idea, we've been making tape for years, what if we take our tape and roll it backwards. The sticky side will be out and people can use it to pick up lint and other small fibers.

We have multiple lint rollers in our house. Not only are they a handy tool to defuzz my pants after my cat so lovingly rubs up against my legs when I am dressed for work or for gathering up the hairs from my head that seem to collect on my black sweater when I put it on, but they are great for cleaning around the house.

Have you ever used one to clean a lampshade? They are perfect tool for cleaning the lampshade. They gather up the dust, lint, hairs, etc that have accumulated on your lampshade overtime. I can think of no other good way to clean a lampshade.

Other cat induced uses
I think that the cat is the greatest contributor to the need to use a lint roller in my home. There are even some that are marketed as "Pet Hair Rollers"

We have a decorative table in our foyer, one of those pedestal ones with a long tablecloth and a glass top. The cat seems to always walk right by and leave an amazing amount of fur behind (I'm convinced, I could knit a new cat with the fur he leaves behind on everything). No amount of tumbling in the dryer will remove the fur - the solution, roll it with a lint roller. Again, so easy to do and a great way to clean the tablecloth between washings.

Curtains. Have you ever noticed how cats love to spend the day looking out the window watching the world? Well, when they do this, they evidently shed a lot. The curtains on my front windows are full of cat fur. Pulling curtains down from the rod to clean them is not a favorite activity, but with the help of a lint roller, you can keep them fur and lint free between washing.

The sides of furniture. There are wide open walkways in our house, yet the cat finds the path between the chair and table to be his favorite. Again, as he passes through, he is kind enough to leave behind copious amounts of fur. A lint roller does the trick. No need to move the furniture just reach in and roll it to remove all the cat fur.

I even keep a mini lint roller at work, for those cat hairs that manage to catch me after I de-lint.

Do you have other uses for a lint roller? Leave a comment to share your uses.

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