Sunday, September 7, 2008

CVS Scenarios - week of 9/7

I have to admit, there was very little that excited me about this week at CVS. I was able to find a couple of things that I will stop for, but not much.

Scenario #1:

2 - Aussie Shampoo/Conditioner (S/M = $2.49/ea)
- $2/2 mfg coupon

$2.98 (plus tax) OOP; earn $2.00 ECB.

Scenario #2:

1 - L'oreal Cleanser/Towlette
2 - Speedstick/Lady Speedstick
1 - Malt O Meal

- $2 $2/$10 CVS coupon
- $1 Malt O Meal (IP available at Malt O Meal website)
- $1 CRT for one Speedstick
- $1 CRT for one Lady Speedstick
- $.75 mfg coupon for Speedstick

$4.03 (plus tax). Use $2 ECB from first transaction; $2.03 (plus tax); earn $5.99 ECBs.

Total OOP $5.01 (okay, just a pinch high for the $5 challenge, but if you use a penny from the "have a penny, leave a penny; need a penny, take a penny" you could have just $5 OOP).

If you have any ECBs to roll, like I do, OOP will be less. I have a $2 ECB from last week to use, so it will be $3.01 OOP this week and I will net $3.99 in extra ECBs ($5.99 ECBs for next week - $2 ECBs I spent), so it feels like a $0.98 profit ($3.99 ECBs - $3.01 OOP).

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