Saturday, September 13, 2008

Target Deals - 9/13

Well, it took me the whole week, but I did get to Target to take advantage of a couple of sales they were having. While out I also stopped at Kohls and took advantage of an additional 20% off and their clearance items.

Sorry no pictures, we got home at nap time some everything was put away before I took a picture.

At Target, I paid $4 for 4 Kashi items (2 cereals, 2 frozen meals) and got a $5 gift card. In addition to the Kashi deal, I got 3 Red Baron frozen pizzas ($3.33 each), 2 bags of Candy Corn (perhaps my favorite candy - although I love Chocolate too - $1.67 each), 1 pair of slippers for DH ($9.99), 10 C batteries ($8.99), 5 pairs of socks for the 22 mos old ($1 each). Our total OOP was $36 for everything, including the Kashi.

At Kohl's, we got 4 character t-shirts for the kids, a 6-pk of socks for my son and a pair of sleeping pants for my son all for $27 (including tax).