Saturday, September 6, 2008

Free Return Address Labels

At VistaPrint, you can get 140 return address labels for free (plus shipping). Just click here to check out their products. To get to the return address labels, under Rubber Stamps and Labels select return address labels.

I just ordered the Caricature Return Label for our family. The labels were free and the rate for 21 day shipping was $3.25. I figured this wasn't a terrible deal - 140 labels for $3.25 delivered, although they are probably marginally more than we pay when we buy the plain white ones. These are so cute though. Thanks to Mommies with Cents, who had this offer featured on their blog.


Anonymous said...

we use to order from vista porint but they kept sending us so much junk emails, we usually just order all of our labels from they are cheaper, can print large quanities and ship fast.