Thursday, September 25, 2008

Did you get your free ice cream?

So, tonight, after story time, I took the kids to Cold Stone Creamery to participate in the 7th Annual World's Largest Ice Cream Social. This was our first visit to Cold Stone Creamery. I was pleasantly surprised to find no line when we arrived at the local store. It struck me as slightly odd, there had been an ad in the Sunday coupon section two weeks ago, it is on their website, they have banners in their store and it is all over blogs. Additionally, one reason I have never been to Cold Stone prior to tonight is that the Cold Stone that I pass most frequently (not the one that I visited tonight, which is the one closest to my home) always had a line out the door - and to me, it couldn't be that good that I would want to wait in that line.

My son had Emily's creation and my daughter and I had Jack's creation. After tasting both, my son concluded that he liked Jack's creation better. I thought that Jack's creation was good. I am a big fan of marshmallow (and I don't care for peanut butter), so for me it was an obvious choice.

With a donation, they did give us a coupon for $1 off on a future visit, so we might have to stop back and try something else. You can go purchase a Make A Wish Star at Cold Stone Creamery through the end of September. The small print on the coupon does indicate that approximately 85% of the donations in September will benefit the Make A Wish foundation. I haven't been able to find anything on their site that indicates this or where the other 15% will go.

By the time we finished our ice cream and were ready to leave, the line was very long - almost to the door. So, maybe we were just lucky to get there when we did.