Friday, January 16, 2009

Fat Burnin' Friday - 1/16

This week was a typical, challenging week for me on the food front. Plus, it was SUPER cold here this week. It was -14 out when I woke up this morning. I find it really hard to get motivated to get out from under my blanket and work out on a morning like that. So, needless to say, I have yet to implement the exercise piece of my weight loss plan.

I work outside the home. I typically pack my lunch which allows me to control what I am eating for lunch. But, best laid plans and all, sometimes there are working lunches or lunch meetings. This typically means catered lunches. Catered lunches usually mean dessert. I can't resist dessert. Why is that? When I pack, I don't include a sweet, but when I am eating a lunch at a meeting, I have to have that dessert - cookie, brownie, etc. Sure, I could pack my lunch, but then I feel awkward. Everyone else is eating the catered meal and I'm nibbling on carrot sticks. I don't want to be a loner, an outsider. Plus, even if I pack, might I not still grab a dessert?

But, all is not lost. I can chose to eat healthy, even when the lunch is provided for me. If there is a salad, I first fill my plate with salad and then add some of the main meal/side dishes. If there is not a salad, I do my best to balance the meal, so that I'm not eating too much of anything. I can cut a piece of chicken or lasagne in half, to make it an appropriate serving for me. I can select a turkey sandwich over a chicken salad made with mayo and such. I can choose water to drink, over the soda. When I take my dessert, I can take the small piece or half a piece. If it is cookies, I can eat part and throw the rest out. (I hate to waste food, but better a little waste than a big waist!) I have heard that having a small sweet each day can keep you from binging later.

Catered lunches can create a challenge, but if you approach it smartly, they don't have to set you back on your weight loss goals.

Pounds lost to date: 6#
Pounds to go: 27#


Andrea @ Mommy said...

Working always does provide that challenge w/ those lunch-time meetings! It sounds like you did great this week so you should be proud of yourself!

Great job and good luck next week!!!