Thursday, January 8, 2009

Sam's Club

I don't personally belong to Sam's Club anymore, because we switched to BJ's a few years ago when we had our son. BJ's accepts coupons and back when I did belong to Sam's Club they didn't accept coupons. This is a good benefit for me, because their prices seemed very comparable and I always have diaper coupons

Anyways, the reason for this post is that earlier today I noticed a Sam's ad that indicated that you could get a free $25 gift card with membership, when you join January 15 - 21. For the details, head over to this page at Sam's Club website. An Advantage (basic) membership is $40. The gift card makes your effective price for your first year of membership only $15. You can't actually use the gift card for your membership fee, but you can use it save on your first purchase at Sam's. If you don't belong to a club already and have a Sam's Club nearby, this might be a nice way to try them out for a year.