Thursday, January 1, 2009

Yummy freebies (or nearly free)

Today, we headed out to do some needed shopping at the warehouse store and stopped by Target to look for a few things. While at Target, we decided to check how much the Ben & Jerry pints were. We had each printed off our $3 off of Ben & Jerry's pints yesterday. Target had them for $3.04, making them $0.04 each (nearly free). Not too bad for a pint of ice cream. Our five year old claimed he could eat a whole pint - I think I might be able to too, but would never allow myself or him to eat that much ice cream in one sitting.

Then, as we were heading home, we passed Sheetz and since it was not yet 4 pm, we stopped in for a quick top off of the gas tank and free coffee. I asked if the cappucino machine coffee was included and the clerk told me it was. I tried Creme Brulee and my husband had French Vanilla. I'm not sure the cappucinos were supposed to be included, but they were definitely tasty and I am glad that the clerk included them.