Friday, January 30, 2009

Fat Burnin' Friday - 1/30

Another week, another challenge.

I seem to find myself staying up way past my bedtime lately. This is not a good thing. Not only am I extremely tired the next morning, which makes getting up to exercises a thought I am unwilling to entertain, but I seem to have a tendency to eat when I stay up late (let's be clear, by late I'm talking 10:30 or 11:00). And, I can become a chain eater...I want something salty, then I want something sweet as a chaser. Studies have shown that people that get the appropriate amounts of sleep are more successful at maintaining/losing weight than those that don't. That should be reason enough to strive for a proper bedtime. Besides, I hate feeling tired.

The worst part is it seems to be a self-perpetuating cycle. Because I am going to bed late, I have trouble getting moving in the morning, so I am not getting to work until 8, which means I have to work later. Since I work later, I get home later. This means dinner is ready later and I don't have time to do much more than dinner and bath before the kids go to bed. That means, once they are in bed, I have a kitchen to clean-up and laundry to fold (since I didn't get up on time to do it all in the morning). Then, I don't want to miss that TV show (i.e. Lost - you have to watch it on Wednesday night, lest you overhear something the next day) so I turn on my DVR and start watching on delay. Even with fast-forwarding, next thing I know, it is after 10 and I am still downstairs. So, yet again, I am late to bed and not getting the proper sleep.

Couple that with a busy work week with 4 working lunches and suddenly, I am stuck. I hope to catch up this weekend and get back on a more regular sleep pattern - it really does make a difference - and hopefully, have a more successful week next week.

Pounds lost to date: 7#
Pounds to go: 26#